Golf In Spain – Where To Stay And Play

With the world recession raging hot online golfing sites are starting to be scarce, with players in countries such as Egypt, Spain and Mexico opting to play in their country of origin. In addition many players have decided to play in venues not frequented by others in order to have a more personal experience.

Along with theateurs now choosing Spain for their home embarking on a new style of golf, the professional golfing fraternity is also discovering the hosting country to be one of the best destinations for a game of golf. The majority of main golfing parts in Spain are along the coast along the Costa del Sol and in the southernpart of the country, situated between the Pyrenees and the Catalonian mountains.

Being golf enthusiast ourselves, we couldn’t wait to explore the landscape and play in Spain. We chose to play in the style of old world, with clubs being in keeping with the established order of things and easy to locate. The picturesque and historical visiting holes were made to order by the golf authorities and handed over to us. Out of the many attractions, we played around the old town of Oviedo, gobbling up the local delicacies and visiting the Barossa Historical Museum.

Oviedo and the surrounding is a traditionalapanthene style architecture and each town and region has its own distinct identity and flavor. The Sierra Nevada Mountains tower over everything else and the thousands of species of plant life seen here are simply awe inspiring.

fingers crossed with finding the right golf package in Spain was well worth the effort and those first couple of years were exciting, we had a good few bad ones but it was all good..

We then journeyed south to the city of Seville, one of the most fantastic of the old haven for golf, but also a city that embraced the idea of being a tourist destination overnight. Walking around the city and eye catching was definitely our first experience of Seville which has a charm and appeal, but which is obviously growing and developing so very fast.

Having explored for a while in Seville, we then went to the bustling capital of Barcelona. While in Barcelona, it was wonderful to wander the bustling streets and love the bustling metropolis that exists today. Everyone was doing their thing, but it was still very much in a relaxed manner, and many of the locals were very friendly and outgoing. It was difficult not to get in contact with anyone but each other!

It was late when we arrived in Barcelona, but we couldn’t just leave Barcelona. We had already booked ourselves into a hotel that evening so we could meet tomorrow at the hotel. Well, almost three hours later the bell rang, and the taxi driver changed at the door at 4 am. Most of the money we paid for the hotel higher up the hills at the hotel, went towards the booking of an extra hour ahead for the following day.

At the hotel, the staff were very kind, and asked us to open up our luggage to show our valuables, as they didn’t keep our bags hidden away… well, I did make azip… I mean tuck it away, you know I wasn’t lying!

Well, the night before, the taxi driver had gone down to the station and bought us a taxi just for our trip to the airport. The taxi driver changed for the one before you got there, and drove you straight to the airport, no pun intended. The agent picked us up at the airport after a short while, and took us straight to their hotel. Brightest day of the trip so far as I am sure the taxi driver thought.

Day One:

The capital of Spain all over again! The things you will experience in Spain are not things you experience at home! The food is not things you are used to having. The people are not things you are used to. But I guess in a strange way, it is like home. The people were very friendly, and we made a stop at the local Puerto Princesa city for a while. There is a cycling trip around the city and back, and we had a good time.

Day Two:

The second day started early again. We were due to leave at 6:30 but the mechanic had told us that we could leave the next morning. We slept in that night instead of the night before, and by 7:30 am, we started out again. This time we aimed to go to the beach in the 11:00 am to 12:00 noon time window. The beach is to the right side of the highway, below the bridge. You can park your car here. There are a lot of shacks and places to rest your feet.

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